Coolidge Corner Study Committee

Committee Members

  • Neil Wishinsky, Chair
  • Alan Christ
  • Anne Meyers
  • Catherine Donaher
  • Elton Elperin
  • Frank Caro
  • Ken Lewis
  • Lauren Bernard
  • Linda Hamlin
  • Linda Olson Pehlke
  • Maura Toomey
  • Roger Blood
  • Sergio Modigliani
  • Steve Kanes
  • Susan Roberts


The charge of the Coolidge Corner Study Committee (CCSC) is to review and analyze existing conditions, zoning, parking requirements, design guidelines, shadow studies, and other land use planning tools that affect the districts containing the parcels located at 1200 Beacon Strete ("Holiday Inn"), and 8-10 Waldo Street, 10-18 Pleasant Street and 16 John Street ("Waldo/Durgin"). Committee members that resigned in winter 2017/18, primarily since the Committee was no longer studying the Holiday Inn site at 1200 Beacon Street site: Amy Anthony, Jonathan Cutler, Derrick Choi, and Kathy Murphy.

Committee Documents:

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Final Meetings

The Coolidge Corner Study Committee last met March 6, 2019, when they voted to recommend to Annual Town Meeting (May 21, 2019) zoning and other warrant articles related to the Waldo-Durgin site (Articles 13, 14, & 15). Between now and May 21st, staff will continue to post presentations and updated materials below. Related public meetings/hearings include:

  1. Waldo/Durgin
  2. Holiday Inn
  3. Related Links
SourceDateFile Name
Town Staff5/3/19Executed Memorandum of Agreement, including Tax Certainty Agreement
Town Staff5/3/19Redline of Memorandum of Agreement - body of text
Town Staff5/3/19Redline of Tax Certainty Agreement - body of text
Town Staff4/23/19Presentation to Select Board on 4/23/19
Town Staff4/11/19Presentation to Advisory Committee on 4/11/19
Town Staff4/4/19Presentation to Advisory Planning & Regulatory Subcommittee on 4/4/19
Town Staff3/26/19Design Guidelines as approved by Planning Board on 3/20/19
Town Staff3/14/19Presentation to Planning Board for vote on Design Guidelines on 3/14/19
Brookline Interactive Group2/28/19Video of 2/28/19 Meeting with Pam McKinney
Town Staff2/20/19Update to Zoning By-Law Committee on 2/20/19
Chestnut Hill Realty2/4/19Updated Feb 4, 2019 building program & floorplans
CCSC Architecture Subcommittee1/30/19DRAFT Design Guidelines
Chestnut Hill Realty1/18/19Revised Residential 1st floorplans with coworking cafe
Chestnut Hill Realty12/17/18Updated Dec 17, 2018 floorplans 
Chestnut Hill Realty
Updated Dec 17, 2018 building program summary
Chestnut Hill Realty11/5/18Video of proposed development 11/5/18 Mtg at Waldo Garage
Town Staff & CCSC Member Ken Lewis11/5/18Presentation at 11/5/18 Meeting at Waldo Garage
Chestnut Hill Realty9/27/18Presentation for 10/3/18 Meeting
Chestnut Hill Realty9/25/18Architecture Subcommittee Update
Chestnut Hill Realty8/29/18Angled Shadow Studies
Chestnut Hill Realty8/29/18Site Diagrams and Vehicle Circulation Plans
Chestnut Hill Realty8/1/18Committee Update
Chestnut Hill Realty7/25/18Architecture Subcommittee Update
Chestnut Hill Realty7/18/18Committee Update re: Traffic - Part 2
Follow-Up Memo & Traffic Count Appendix
Chestnut Hill Realty
3/7/18 Committee Update (video of model to be provided separately) 
Chestnut Hill Realty2/7/18Committee Update re: Traffic  
Chestnut Hill Realty
1/31/18Committee Update 
Chestnut Hill Realty

Traffic Impact Study  

Chestnut Hill Realty
1/18/18Architecture Subcmte Part 2: Shadow Study
Chestnut Hill Realty
1/18/18Architecture Subcmte Part 1 
Town Staff8/15/17Committee Update 
Brookline Interactive Group8/2/17Video of 8/2/17 Meeting with Pam McKinney
Pam McKinney8/2/17McKinney Presentation 2
Chestnut Hill Realty

Neighborhood Meeting 

Chestnut Hill Realty

Committee Update

Pam McKinney5/3/17McKinney Presentation 1
Town Staff5/3/17Timeline/Process
Town Staff4/24/17Financial Feasibility Analysis Overview
Town Staff4/4/17Committee Update
Chestnut Hill Realty

Alternative Proposal

Town Staff2/14/17Background Information - Part 2
Town Staff1/30/17Background Information
Chestnut Hill Realty
1/9/17Committee Update