The Coolidge Residences at Brookline LLC proposed a project at 8-10 Waldo Street in Coolidge Corner at the existing site of the Waldo Street and John Street garages, and the John Street parking lot. The project proposes a 12 story building: 11 stories of residential above 1 level of parking, lobby and amenities with 2 levels of below grade parking.

Chapter 40B Resources

Project Name: The Coolidge
Initial Proposal: 12 stories with 299 residential units (11 stories) of multifamily rental housing above 1 floor at grade parking and lobby, and 2 levels below grade parking
Applicant: The Coolidge Residences of Brookline, LLC
Location: 8-10 Waldo Street in Coolidge Corner

Key Dates (Please refer to Town Calendar for an official record of public hearing dates, locations and times)

January 11, 2017 - MassDevelopment informed Town of receipt of PEL application
January 31, 2017 - Board of Selectmen public hearing on PEL application
February 9, 2017 - Comments due to MassHousing
March 23, 2018: The Applicant submitted ZBA application for a Comprehensive Permit
April 18, 2018: ZBA Public Hearing is opened and continued (no Board Discussion or Testimony)                                       February 6, 2019: ZBA Public Hearing - Presentation of Proposal
March 20, 2019 - Next Public Hearing                                                                                                                                       Deadline for closing Public Hearing - 11/19/20



Documents Submitted with ZBA Application:


From the Applicant

From Staff, Boards, Commissions

From the Public

Project Eligibility (PEL)

Before developers can submit comprehensive permit applications to the ZBA, they must first obtain site approval for the proposed project from the subsidizing agency. This stage is referred to as Project (or Site) Eligibility (PEL).

Comments to MassHousing 
The Board of Selectmen will hold a public hearing before submitting a response to MassDevelopment on January 31st, 2017. To submit comments to the Board of Selectmen, please email the Planning Department.

To send comments to MassDevelopment directly, send a letter to Anthony Fracasso, Vice President, MassDevelopment, 99 High Street, 11th floor, Boston, MA 02110.

PEL Documents
Complete PEL Application (PDF)
Presentation to the BOS - 1.31.17 - Part 1 (PDF) and Part 2 (PDF)
BOS Response (PDF) on PEL application submitted to MassDevelopment - 2.10.17
CHR Response (PDF) to BOS Response on PEL application - 2.16.17
BOS Response (PDF) to MassDevelopment - 2.16.17
Modifications to the PEL Application (PDF) - 3.8.2017
BOS Comments to MassDevelopment in response to revised PEL application (PDF) - 4.26.2017
PEL Letter from MassDevelopment (PDF) - 5.15.17

To BOS (PPTX) - 4.12.17
ZBA Hearing (Presentation of Project on 2-6-19))

Hearing Transcripts                                                                                                                                                                     ZBA Hearing - 2.6.19

Citizen Comment
Ana Wynne (PDF)
Chakrabarti (PDF)
Vanderkay (PDF)
Mason (PDF)
Fine (PDF)
Richard Wynne (PDF)
Petersen (PDF)
Joswicki (PDF)
Pehlke (PDF)
Pell (PDF)
Shreffler (PDF)
Beth Winickoff (PDF)
Susan and Richard Winickoff (PDF)
Antonelli (PDF)
Wyner and Shieber (PDF)
Nathanson (PDF)
Dzik (PDF)
Meshulam (PDF)
Hudson (PDF)
Spiegel (DOC)
Yaseen (DOC)
DeLong (PDF)
McLeod (PDF)
Mannion (PDF)
Cassis (PDF)
Spingarn (PDF)
Byhoff (PDF)
Kurtz (PDF)
Lowe (PDF)
Silver (DOC)
Gilman (PDF)
Reed (PDF)
Roebuck (PDF)
Tapper (PDF)
Frumkin (PDF)
Ericsson (PDF)
Hallowell (PDF)
Drootin (PDF)
Crandell (PDF)
Barron (PDF)
Kirschenbaum (PDF)
Chakrabarti (PDF)
Coolidge Green Condominiums (PDF)
Letters received 2.8 to 2.10 (PDF)
Winickoff - 04.06.2017 (PDF)