Hear What the Community Is Saying....

“We are constantly bombarded by solicitations from third party suppliers. It is hard to know what service offers legitimate value. The Brookline Green Electricity program eliminates the research and guesswork that goes into choosing a new supplier."
Frank Caro, Director
Brookline Community Aging Network

“I’m not able to install solar panels on my house, but I can afford to pay about $2.00 more a month to purchase 25% more renewable energy. And, I can deduct the cost for the renewable energy from my income taxes, too.”
David Leschinsky resident, owner of Eureka! Puzzles,
President of the Coolidge Corner Merchants’ Assoc.

“Brookline has developed a program that is good for consumers and the environment, and it’s received the stamp of approval from the state Department of Public Utilities.”
Werner Lohe Co-Chair, Selectmen’s Climate Action Committee

 "Brookline Green Electricity was designed to be inclusive and ensure that low-income residents and small businesses would have the opportunity for monthly savings and protection from market volatility. The program offers three products to provide maximum flexibility. And, participants may opt-out at any time without paying a fee.”
Selectman Nancy Heller, Co-Chair,
Selectmen’s Climate Action Committee

"Participating in Brookline Green is the easiest, most effective thing we can do to keep fossil fuels in the ground. No other action we can take will result in carbon emission reductions of this magnitude. This is an essential step for our community to become part of a growing movement to a clean energy future."
Kathleen Scanlon, architect
Coordinator, Mothers Out Front

“Although the state requires that 12% of all electricity purchased come from new renewable sources, increasing 1% every year, at that rate the state will not be able to meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050.”
Tommy Vitolo, PhD, Town Meeting Member Pct 6