Town-Wide Marijuana Hearings

2017/2018 Information, Maps & Press Release

Map illustrating zoning-compliant location sites for Marijuana Retailers (updated on April 26, 2018 to incorporate the favorable vote of the Advisory Committee) (PDF)

May 2018 Annual Town Meeting Marijuana-Related Warrant Articles (WAs 17-22) (PDF)

Zoning By-Law presentation for the Joint Public Hearing of the Licensing Review Committee and Planning Board (January 24, 2018) (PDF)

Proposed Recreational Marijuana Maps for discussion:

Attorney General's Office decision (PDF) denying the Town of Brookline's request for an extension of the temporary moratorium ending on December 31, 2018.

Public Outreach (PDF) - (2017) Survey Monkey was used the gather public comments on three specific issues regarding potential proposals for the Zoning By-law

For the results of previous public meetings on marijuana, see the listing of marijuana-related Boards and Commissions on our Public Meetings page.