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The Brookline Housing Authority provides low-income families, seniors, and people of all abilities with safe, decent, accessible, and affordable places to live in a community rich with opportunities. The BHA works in collaboration with government and civic organizations to support and encourage the well-being and economic self-sufficiency of BHA residents; to sustain a diverse population in Brookline and; to maintain attractive residential neighborhoods.

The Brookline Housing Authority (BHA) is an autonomous local government agency, established under MGL Ch. 121B, which owns and operates state and federal public housing properties throughout Brookline. While not an official part of Town government, the BHA works in partnership with a variety of Town departments and commissions in order to serve the community and fulfill its mission.

The five-member Board of Commissioners oversees the Authority's overall direction. Four of the members are elected by Town voters and one is appointed by the Governor.

Town-BHA Working Group

.At their meeting on February 9, 2021, the Select Board voted to establish a working group between the Town of Brookline and the Brookline Housing Authority.


Brookline’s Town-BHA Working Group is designed to more formally bring stakeholders together to better understand and meet the needs of the Brookline Housing Authority and its residents. Through its work, the Working Group will increase awareness among the Brookline community and elected officials of the purpose, operation, and funding of public housing, as well as the critical needs of residents. A central focus will be mobilizing permitted funding from Town, BHA, State, Federal, and private sources to invest in the long-term viability of the BHA and the wellness and prosperity of residents.

Membership will consist of:

  • Town of Brookline
    • Select Board Member (co-chair)
    • Town Administrator, or designee
    • Advisory Committee Chair, or designee
    • Housing Advisory Board Chair, or designee
  • Brookline Housing Authority
    • BHA Board of Commissioners Chair (co-chair)
    • BHA Executive Director
    • BHA Director of Redevelopment
    • BHA Director of Maintenance
    • BHA Resident Services Director
    • BHA Elderly Service Coordinator
    • BHA Family Property Resident
    • BHA Senior Property Resident
  • Community Organizations
    • Brookline Community Foundation Executive Director
    • Brookline Center for Mental Health Chief Executive Officer
    • Steps to Success Executive Director
    • Brookline Food Pantry Executive Director

Members will meet at least quarterly. The two resident members will be appointed by the Select Board to staggered two-year terms. All other members will serve by virtue of their position. Community organizations may send a designee when the director is unavailable.

The co-chairs will present to the Select Board and BHA Board of Commissioners annually on the work of the Working Group, including recommendations on the application of available funding and additional funding sources that can be sought by the BHA.