2 - Renewable Energy


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Leading By Example

  • Launched Brookline Green Electricity, providing more affordable renewable energy options to residents and businesses; almost 34 million pounds of carbon dioxide displaced annually
  • Established a Solar Overlay District
  • All new municipal buildings must be solar-ready 
  • Installed Solar PV arrays Heath Building and Putterham Library
  • Planning two Net Zero school projects
  • Entered Net Metering agreement to save Town over $92,000 annually

Key CAP Actions 2018-2019

  • Launch Community Solar Program
  • Launch air source heat pump bulk purchasing program
  • Promote solar PV and solar thermal bulk purchasing programs for residential properties
  • Develop solar energy system regulations in conjunction with tree preservation policy
  • Study conversions to all-electric systems for "Zero Emissions by 2050" planning
  • More CAP actions