4 - Reduced Waste


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Leading by Example

  • Launched Hybrid Pay As You Throw (HPAYT) to encourage higher recycling rates and waste reduction. In just eight months, solid waste decreased by 378 tons and recycling increased by 120 tons (Feb 2018).  
  • Established Rain Barrel discount program to enable the community collect and reuse rainwater and reduce stormwater runoff
  • Banned non-biodegradable plastic bags and polyethylene bags from retail use
  • Banned plastic water bottles from municipal facilities
  • Established a Hazardous Waste drop-off center (May - October)
  • Amended bylaw to require commercial (in addition to residential) property owners to recycle
  • Partnered with SimpleRecycling to give residents the option to recycle clothing, batteries, and lightbulbs more conveniently  
  • Provide for a fee backyard composting bins for residents (curbside composting not yet available)

Key CAP Actions 2018-2019

  • Create a Zero Waste plan
  • Launch an organics diversion program; expand composting program
  • Promote use of alternative refrigerants
  • Explore installation of permeable pavement on Town-owned properties to reduce stormwater runoff