Climate Action Committee

The Select Board's Climate Action Committee was established in May 2008. Committee responsibilities are below the list of members.

Dan Bennett
Building Commission designee
Building Commissioner, Town of Brookline
Michael Berger
Citizen-at-large designee
David Pearlman
School Committee designee
James Carr
Planning Board designee
Heather HamiltonCommittee Co-Chair
Member of the Select Board
Citizen-at-large designee
Alan Leviton
Climate Action Brookline designee
Werner Lohe
Committee Co-Chair
Conservation Commission designee
[vacancy]Advisory Council on Public Health designee
Health Commissioner, Town of Brookline
Linda Olson Pehlke
Brookline Neighborhood Alliance designee
Deborah Rivers
Brookline GreenSpace Alliance designee
Kathleen Scanlon
Citizen-at-large designee
David Gladstone
Chamber of Commerce designee
Transportation Board designee
Don Weitzman
Advisory Committee designee
Sponsored and co-authored Art. 29 (May 2008) that established Select Board's Climate Action Committee

Climate Action Committee Responsibilities

The Selectmen's Climate Action Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Current policy adopted by Select Board: To prioritize planning to achieve zero emissions by 2050 community wide. 
  • To promote and implement resiliency measures to better prepare the Brookline community to adapt to climate change.
  • To develop a comprehensive strategic plan that includes, but is not limited to, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable practices for home, school and businesses.
  • To advance Brookline as a leader in diverse sustainable practices that contribute to environmental health and positive social impact and economic development.
  • To promote greater awareness about sustainability and the need to reduce GHG emissions through citizen choices.
  • To recommend and, where appropriate, implement programs that reduce the net production of GHG emissions in Brookline.
  • To measure, assess and/or monitor the efforts of the Town to reduce net GHG emissions.
  • To serve as liaison between the Town and the public with regard to information and programs related to reducing net production of greenhouse gases.
  • To report annually to the Annual Town Meeting and to report from time to time to the Board of Selectmen, the Town Administrator, and the public.