Net Zero Schools

The Select Board's Climate Action Committee appointed the Net Zero Schools Study subcommittee, chaired by Werner Lohe, to research and advocate for ways to achieve Net Zero on two new school projects. The Committee collaborated with staff from the Planning and Building Department, along with representatives from the School Department and the School Committee.

Net Zero School Report Released March 25, 2019


"A net zero building is one that is optimally efficient and, over the course of a year, generates energy on site*, using clean renewable resources, in a quantity equal to or greater than the total amount of energy consumed on site." |  

Resolution & Interim Report

Warrant Article 21 (Fall 2017) Reducing energy consumption is the first step to better ensuring net zero. Town Meeting unanimously passed a resolution to set ambitious energy goals for the two new school projects: 

  • a minimum EUI of 30 with a target of 25
  • a minimum 13 out 16 points Optimize Energy Performance LEED with a target of 16/16
  • a minimum of LEED v4 Silver with a target of LEED v4 Platinum

9.25.2017  In 2017 the Subcommittee presented an interim report (PDF) to the Select Board, the Building Commission, the School Committee, and the Advisory Council, and the Climate Action Committee.

Net zero schools graph