Coolidge Corner Study Committee Charge

Committee Charge

The charge of the Coolidge Corner Study Committee (CCSC) is to review and analyze existing conditions, zoning, parking requirements, design guidelines, shadow studies, and other land use planning tools that affect the districts containing the parcels located at 1200 Beacon Street (“Holiday Inn”), and 8-10 Waldo Street, 10-18 Pleasant Street and 16 John Street (“Waldo/Durgin”).

The CCSC is to report back to the Selectmen at least one month prior to the close of the fall 2017 Town Meeting warrant, with recommendations, which may include potential zoning amendments that would permit appropriate mixed-use redevelopment projects, while mitigating impacts on adjacent neighborhoods.

The CCSC shall review and analyze the redevelopment potential of the parcels (“the Sites”) referenced above, including the mixed-use proposals to be presented at a January 9, 2017 meeting between the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) and Housing Advisory Board (HAB). The proposals will be presented by Fallon Company (“Fallon”) related to the Holiday Inn site (PDF) and by Chestnut Hill Realty (“CHR”) as an alternative to their proposed Chapter 40B residential development related to the Waldo/Durgin site (PDF).

The Sites are two of the largest in the Coolidge Corner Commercial District and are both located on prominent corner lots. Any redevelopment at either of the Sites will have a significant impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. Therefore, the CCSC shall engage with Fallon and CHR (“the Developers”) to review and gather information with respect to the Sites and their proposals (“the Projects”), as they may be modified including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Conceptual building massing
  • Public realm enhancement and Open Space creation/connectivity
  • Environmentally friendly design elements and materials
  • Existing zoning
  • Legal considerations
  • Locations, size, and design of parking facilities
  • Physical and economic conditions
  • Financial feasibility
  • Feasibility of uses including those proposed by the Developers
  • Historic preservation
  • Transportation
  • Synergy with other potential mixed-use redevelopments in the district
  • Public benefits proffered to the Town
  • Net fiscal impact to the Town

In addition, the CCSC shall review and analyze the connectivity and synergy of the Sites and the Projects with the Beacon Street and Harvard Street roadways, existing uses within the Coolidge Corner commercial district and the character of the surrounding neighborhoods.


The CCSC shall be authorized to work with the Planning Director, Alison Steinfeld and/or her designee(s), members of EDAB, HAB as well as Town Counsel, and designated Selectmen regarding proposed terms for a Memorandum of Agreement with either Developer to address design, financial, operational, environmental and other matters relative to their respective projects and the Sites so that the net results benefit both the Town and the Developers. The Committee shall also solicit feedback from the general public during its deliberations.

The CCSC should be mindful of the design work typically undertaken by the Planning Board and their designated Project Review Team or Design Advisory Team that would follow any zoning change recommendations.


The CCSC will have a goal of presenting its findings to the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, EDAB, HAB and the Zoning Bylaw Committee and submitting its final report and recommendations to the Selectmen at least one month prior to the close of the fall 2017 Annual Town Meeting warrant in order that its recommendations for any zoning amendments, design guidelines, and related agreements, are timely filed and/or approved, and appropriate plans are in place to address mitigation of any adverse impacts on adjacent neighborhoods and commercial areas.