ZBA Timeline

Below are the stages that make up the 40B timeline. The stage highlighted indicates where this project is in the timeline.

Hearing Agendas and Topics Visit the Town Calendar and the project web page, or contact the Planning Department.

40B General Process/Regulations plus Status of All Projects Visit the Chapter 40B Status web page.

Hearing Agenda & Topic
Process & Regulations
Site Eligibility Approved Project or site eligibility (PEL) is approved by the State subsidizing agency. When the PEL is approved, the Applicant may submit an application to the ZBA.
ZBA Application Filed Visit the project web page for all plans, documents, testimony, and transcripts for this case.
Public Hearing Opened ZBA must open hearing within 30 days of receiving the application. Board will hear testimony from staff, boards/commissions, independent technical consultants, its 40B consultant, Town Counsel (as necessary), and members of the public.

The topics include but are not limited to public and environmental health and safety, traffic, parking, site access and circulation, stormwater/civil, geotechnical (as necessary), preliminary building code analysis, site and building design, screening and buffering, requested waivers from zoning, lighting, shadow studies, and rubbish/recycling.
Public Hearing Closed Hearing must close within 180 days of opening hearing. ZBA may ask permission from Applicant for extensions to close hearing beyond 180 days. After the hearing is closed, no further testimony (from applicant or the public) may be entered.
Board Deliberations The ZBA has 40 days after the close of the hearing to deliberate, render a Decision, and file the Decision with the Town Clerk. The Decision is also filed with DHCD.
Decision Filed with Clerk The 20-day appeals period begins when the Decision is filed with the Clerk.
Appeals Period Ends After the 20-day appeals period ends, the Applicant files Decision with the Register of Deeds Norfolk County (unless the Decision is appealed).