Find Property Information

Below are a variety of resources that can be used to find information about parcels that will help determine what types of regulations may apply to a specific property.


MassBuilds is a regional visual database for detailed information on real-estate developments. The data is taken from a variety of public and private sources, some of which may be out of date or generalized.

Combined Zoning & Assessor Parcel Data is a web-based GIS map with parcel-specific information on zoning districts, Local Historic Districts, combined with some Tax Assessor parcel data fields. Great for initial zoning case review!

Zoning By-Laws contains zoning rules and regulations in the Town of Brookline.

Where Am I? Brookline provides parcel-specific information on zoning districts, Local Historic Districts, precincts, Town services, school districts, etc. Great for new residents!

Brookline Town Hall Map Overview

Assessor’s Property Database provides property information used by the Assessor for tax purposes including lot and building type, age, size and value.

The Preservation staff maintain a list of properties in Local Historic Districts (LHDs), Neighborhood Conservation Districts (NCDs) and those listed on the State/National Register of Historic Places. Verify if your property is on any of these lists before proceeding with any exterior work.

MACRIS (MA Cultural Resources Information System) is a database run by the Massachusetts Historical Commission that allows you to search for information on historic properties in the Commonwealth and identifies properties on the State/National Register of Historic Places.

The IT Department’s Map Library allows users to browse and create interactive maps showing information such as zoning, historic preservation, abutters, etc.

The Abutters Program generates customizable lists of property abutters and tenants for specified parcels using information from the Assessor’s Department. The commercial tenant data is updated annually by the Planning Department. For all mailings to tenants, we recommend using "Current Resident" or "Current Business" rather than specific names.

NOTE: These materials are used for reference purposes only. Prior to submitting an application, always confirm property information with the Planning Department.