Find Property Information

Below are a variety of resources that can be used to find information about parcels that will help determine what types of regulations may apply to a specific property.


> Where Am I? Brookline provides parcel-specific information on zoning districts, Local Historic Districts, precincts, Town services, school districts, etc.

Brookline Town Hall Map Overview

> Assessor's Property Database provides property information used by the Assessor for tax purposes including lot and building type, age, size and value.

> The Preservation staff maintain a list of properties in Local Historic Districts (LHDs), Neighborhood Conservation Districts (NCDs) and those listed on the State/National Register of Historic Places. Verify if your property is on any of these lists before proceeding with any exterior work.

> MACRIS (MA Cultural Resources Information System) is a database run by the Massachusetts Historical Commission that allows you to search for information on historic properties in the Commonwealth and identifies properties on the State/National Register of Historic Places.

> The IT Department's Map Library allows users to browse and create interactive maps showing information such as zoning, historic preservation, abutters, etc.

> The Abutters Program generates customizable lists of property abutters for specified parcels using information from the Assessor's Department.

NOTE: These materials are used for reference purposes only. Prior to submitting an application, always confirm property information with the Planning Department.