Moderator's Committee on Elderly Tax Relief


  • Tom Elwertowski
  • Ben Franco
  • Bob Lepson
  • Jeffrey Kushner
  • Susan Granoff, Chair


  • To investigate ways to use Brookline’s tax policies to deal with the dilemma faced by those elderly Brookline homeowners on fixed incomes who are finding it increasingly difficult to pay their increasing property taxes and yet still want to continue living in their Brookline homes
  • To formulate a new tax policy that goes beyond existing senior tax relief programs
  • To identify the extent of need among Brookline’s senior homeowners and to identify and define the class of senior Brookline residents who especially need additional tax relief
  • To develop fiscally responsible proposals for new tax relief programs to help needy seniors who are not being helped by current programs
  • To prepare a report to Town Meeting on the committee’s findings and recommendations