Parking Overview

Shared Parking Philosophy

The Town of Brookline has long maintained that the public parking supply is a shared community resource that is expected to be utilized by many different users including residents, their guests, their tradesmen & caregivers, plus employees and customers of nearby businesses. To manage this sharing the Transportation Board has enacted Rules & Regulations to better manage this limited public parking resource.

Daytime Parking

No driver shall park any vehicle between the hours of 6:00 a.m. of one day and 1:00 a.m. of the following day, Sundays and public holidays excepted, for a period of time longer than two (2) hours on any street or highway. All other posted parking restriction apply.

Overnight Parking

No driver may park on any street in Brookline, or in any town-owned off-street parking facility, for a period longer than 1 hour between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. on any day of the week unless allowed by the Transportation Board.

Overnight Parking Locations

Coolidge Corner

  • Lot 1 - Beacon Street Median, 60 Spaces
  • Lot 2 - Centre Street West, 56 Spaces
  • Lot 11 - Centre Street East, 10 Spaces
  • Lot 3 - Babcock Street, 47 Spaces
  • Lot 4 - John Street,14 Spaces
  • Lot 9 - Marriott Courtyard Hotel, 60 Spaces

Brookline Village

  • Lot 5 - School Street, 14 Spaces
  • Lot 6 - Kent / Webster Place, 23 Spaces
  • Lot 7 - Kent / Station Street, 15 Spaces

JFK Crossing

  • Lot 8 - Fuller Street, 10 Spaces

St. Mary’s

  • Lot 14 - Beacon Street Median, 10 Spaces

Washington Square

  • Lot 10 - Beacon Street Median, 10 Spaces

Chestnut Hill

  • Heath School Lots

Snow Emergency

No car may be parked on any street in the Town of Brookline once a snow emergency has been declared. To learn if Brookline has called a snow emergency, listen to the local broadcast media outlets or call the DPW at 617-730-2610.