Memory Cafe

Memory Connections UPDATE

The Café, for people with early memory challenges and their care partners, is on hold during Winter and Spring 2022. When the Café is able to return safely in-person, it will do so, but it will no longer be available virtually for the time being.

Please reach out to Jamie Jensen at 617-730-2753 or for more information and resources and to share any interest in future Cafés. 

 What participants are saying about the Memory Connections Café:

“It was very helpful to go to the Café and I recommend it! I enjoyed being with all of the people there. We all have a shared common bond of getting older and realizing our memories aren’t as good as they used to be. It was good sharing with others.”

“It was nice being with people my own age with the same problems. It was a lot of fun.”

“I enjoyed myself. The program was so good and nice. I think everyone enjoyed it to the fullness.”

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