Traffic & Parking Controls

Traffic / Parking Signs & Pavement Markings

The DPW - Transportation Division works closely with the DPW - Highway Division in the planning, maintenance, and operation of all traffic control and street name signs, pavement markings, street lights, traffic signals, parking meters and parking-related signs.

The DPW - Highway Division manufactures, installs, and maintains the following:

  • Construction signs - detour
  • Guide signs - street name
  • Parking signs - no parking
  • Regulatory signs - stop, speed limit
  • Warning signs - stop ahead

Replacing Signs

Signs are replaced when damaged or faded, posts straightened when needed, and tree limbs/vegetation cut back for visibility. Street striping such as stop bars, crosswalks, parking stall boundaries, shoulder markings, and lane lines on town streets are also maintained by the DPW - Highway Division. Contact the DPW - Transportation Division if you believe the placement of a traffic control sign, parking sign, or pavement marking is warranted for safety reasons at a specific location. Report any damaged, missing, or faded sign or markings to the DPW Highway Division at 617-879-4900.

Traffic Signals

The traffic and pedestrian signals in Brookline are monitored by the DPW - Transportation Division in order to optimize their operation and reduce travel delays. Repairs, testing, and preventive maintenance are performed by the DPW - Highway Division. Questions or complaints regarding the operation of an individual traffic or pedestrian signal should be submitted by request / comment form to the DPW - Transportation Division. To report a signal malfunction, call the DPW - Highway Division immediately at 617-646-2700 on weekdays. On weekends and holidays, contact the Brookline Police Department at 617-730-2222.