NETA - 160 Washington St

New England Treatment Access (NETA):

NETA is located at 160 Washington Street. Originally, it operated as a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. In 2019, NETA received a license and approval to open an adult-use operation at the same location as the existing RMD. As of April 2021, NETA is seeking to move the medical portion to 1280 Boylston Street and in the midst of the site plan review process.


2015 - Host Community Agreement

11/13/2015 - Special Permit Decision

12/22/2015 - NETA license conditions

2/07/2017 - NETA license conditions

4/12/2018 Community Meeting - required meeting for the state license application under 935 CMR 500.101 and is hosted by the applicant

06/2018 Summary memo submitted - provides a brief description of preliminary proposal

6/25/2018 Pre-Application Meeting - required meeting with the Planning and Building Departments

4/24/2018 Host Community Agreement

7/26/2018 Provisional License from the Cannabis Control Commission 

8/6/2018 Health & Human Services Report

8/27/2018 Police Department Report

9/14/2018 Engineering & Transportation Division Report

8/13/2018 Application to the Building Department for plan review. Results in a denial letter required to apply for a special permit

9/27/18 Application to the Planning Department for a special permit

10/10/18 Planning Board Report

10/29/18 Zoning Board of Appeals Decision

10/26/18 Application submitted to the Select Board for a license (Part 1 Part2)

11/27/18 Select Board License approved. See here for license conditions.  

12/15/20 Select Board-approved license renewal: License Conditions

3/8/2021 NETA hosts virtual neighborhood meeting regarding moving medical portion from 160 Washington Street to 1280 Boylston Street.

7/28/21 Select Board-approved license conditions regarding the delivery of adult-use marijuana & approved new Board Members