Sanctuary Medicinals, Inc.

Sanctuary Medicinals, Inc. is located at 1351 Beacon Street and is the Town's second marijuana retail establishment. They allow walk-ins as well as reserve ahead.


8/22/2018 - Summary memo submitted - provides a brief description of preliminary proposal

9/27/2018 - Pre-Application Meeting - required meeting with the Planning and Building Departments

10/4/2018 - Community Meeting - required meeting for the state license application under 935 CMR 500.101 and is hosted by the applicant

10/31/2018 - Host Community Agreement

11/8/2018 - Application to the Cannabis Control Commission for a license from the state

1/15/2019 - Health & Human Services Report

1/18/2019 - Fire Department Report

1/24/2019 - Engineering & Transportation Division Report

Application to the Building Department for plan review. Results in a denial letter required to apply for a special permit

Application to the Planning Department for a special permit. Planning Dept Report / ZBA Conditions

ZBA grants special permit May 16, 2019

ZBA Decision filed Town Clerk June 24, 2019 (20-day appeals process begins). Notice of Decision mailed to abutters within a 300-foot radius.

Select Board granted a license August 6, 2019: License conditions.

Select Board-approved license conditions for renewal December 8, 2020: License Conditions.

6/8/2021 - Materials for Select Board hearing regarding Phase 4 Plan and adult-use delivery.

6/18/21 - Sanctuary's Phase 4 Plan and Delivery Materials can be found here. The draft license conditions and staff memo can be found here.

6/22/21 - Select Board-approved license conditions related to Phase 4 and Delivery Courier.