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The Assessor’s Office is responsible for administering the property tax and motor vehicle excise tax for the Town of Brookline. The property tax includes real estate and tangible personal property.

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FY2024 Tax Classification Hearing

The Select Board’s FY2024 Tax Classification Hearing was held on Tuesday November 28, 2023. The Board of Assessors made a presentation containing information and analysis to assist the members of the Select Board in determining the FY2024 tax rates and residential exemption amount. You can view the department's tax classification presentation (PDF).

The Department of Revenue has approved the fiscal year’s tax rates for FY2024:

FY2024 Tax Rates & Residential Exemption

Residential Tax Rate: $9.77/ $1,000
Commercial Tax Rate: $16.41/ $1,000

Residential Exemption Amount: $334,458
Residential Exemption Tax Amount: $3,267.65