Select Board Committee on Pedestrian Friendly Lighting


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  1. Warrant Article 22 of the May, 2019 Annual Town meeting was a Resolution that was approved by a vote of Favorable Action by Town Meeting. The Resolution requested that the Select Board appoint a committee to develop a Plan to extend pedestrian-friendly lighting along sidewalks with extensive pedestrian activity. The Resolution further requested that the committee be charged to determine the extent to which there is public demand for improved lighting for pedestrians, identify locations where improved pedestrian lighting is most needed, and examine costs of installation and operation of new pedestrian-friendly street lighting and report it recommendations to a future Town Meeting. 
  2. To carry out the wishes of Town Meeting as expressed in the Resolution, the Select Board hereby establishes the Select Board Committee on Pedestrian Friendly Lighting to Study issues raised by or related to the Resolution. The Committee’s Study shall include, without limitation, the items listed above in the first paragraph. The Committee shall present the results of its Study, its recommendations, and a proposed Plan in a Report to the Select Board. The Committee shall then submit its Report for publication in the Combined Reports of a subsequent Town Meeting. 
  3. In conducting its Study, the Committee shall consult with the Deputy Town Administrator and/or the Assistant Town Administrator on the fiscal impacts of its findings and recommendations.  The Committee shall also consult with other Town professional staff as appropriate to develop recommendations and a Plan that can be implemented within the technical, fiscal, and other constraints of the Town.
  4. The Committee shall be comprised of (1) the Director of the Department of Public Works, or said Director’s designee, (2) a member of the Pedestrian Advisory Committee of the Transportation Board, (3) the Petitioner of Warrant Article 22 or said Petitioner’s designee, (4) two members of the Council on Aging, and (5) up to two additional members from the public.  All members shall be voting members.  
  5. The notice and agenda for the first meeting of the Committee shall be posted by the Chair of the Select Board.
  6. At its first meeting, the members of the Committee shall select a Chair and a Secretary from its membership. The Chair shall set the agenda for the meetings of the Committee and shall be responsible for producing the initial draft of a work plan for the Committee.  The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes of the meetings and preparing them for approval.

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