Small Business Development Committee

Photo of SBDC members at inaugural meeting on 9/17/19. Text: "Small Business Development Committe


  • Raul Fernandez, Chair
  • Elias Audy
  • Mark Barer
  • Raj Kumar Dhanda
  • Talia Glass
  • Melissa Tapper Goldman
  • David Leschinsky
  • Sandy Machado
  • Anne Meyers
  • Debbie G. Miller
  • Caitlin Starr, Office of Diversity Inclusion & Community Relations (DICR) Liaison
  • Debbie Raisner Thompson


The Small Business Development Committee will study and recommend methods (including funding requests and sources) to the Select Board to incubate, launch, recruit, and sustain small businesses in Brookline. Special attention will be paid to minority and women-owned businesses. 

The committee will explore potential solutions to rising rents, regulatory restrictions, parking access, commercial displacement, and other headwinds facing small businesses. 

The committee will consider the viability and recommend potential tools including business improvement districts, small business incubators, pop-up shops, co-working spaces, parklets, outdoor seating, galleries, public markets, and other options, as well as the role of the arts and special events in contributing to thriving businesses and communities. 

The committee shall be chaired by a member of the Select Board, and include residents, a representative of the Chamber of Commerce and/or local business associations, small business owners, commercial property owners, a member with expertise in public art programming, and a member with expertise in small business assistance. The Committee will be staffed by the Economic Development & Long-Term Planning Division.

SBDC Subcommittees

Subcommittee Focus Area Subcommittee Members Upcoming Meetings
Commercial Areas Experience
Melissa Tapper Goldman, Chair
Elias Audy
David Leschinsky
Sandy Machado
Debbie Miller
Debbie Raisner Thompson
Mark Barer
Raj Dhanda
Sam Glasgow
Talia Glass
Anne Meyers
Women and POC-Owned Businesses
Raul Fernandez
Caitlin Starr (DICR staff liaison)

Reference Materials

Small Business Development Committee members will be sharing any important reference materials (reports, articles, etc.) that they come across in their exploration of issues and challenges facing Brookline’s small business community, as well as potential tools and solutions to address those problems, here:

  1. Meredith L. Mooney

    Economic Development & Long-Term Planner
    Phone: 617-264-6478