Boylston Street Corridor Study Committee


John VanScoyoc (Chair)    Mark Zarrillo                Wendy Machmuller                   Rachna Balakrishna            Wendy Friedman         Tom Nally                                 Deborah Brown                   Joe Gaudino                 Carlos Ridruejo

Shows boundaries of Boylston Street Corridor Study, from Brington Road to Pearl Street along Route 9


Drawing on the community visioning process undertaken in 2018, the Boylston Street Corridor Study Committee will comprehensively examine opportunities for preservation of housing stock, redevelopment, and infrastructure improvements along the Boylston Street on... 


Lower Boylston Street Concept Designs - Toole Design 9.24.21

DRAFT Zoning Outline - v1 7.21.21

DRAFT Revised Design Guidelines - v1 6.28.21

Presentation Materials (most recent on top):

Presentation #2 by Bulfinch 10 Brookline Place on 7.27.21

Presentation with zoning outline draft 7.19.21

Update presentation to Housing Advisory Board on 6.30.21 (not a Boylston Committee meeting)

Presentation by Bulfinch 10 Brookline Place on 6.21.21

Presentation at Forum on 6.9.21 - Toole Design slides

Presentation at Forum on 6.9.21 - Other Slides

Presentation at Forum on 6.2.21

Updated Bus-Only Pilot Plans for Gateway East - 5.24.21

Toole Design presentation on Boylston Complete Streets - 5.24.21

Brookline Housing Authority Presentation 5.10.21

Proposed Cross-Section Characteristics M. Zarrillo 5.5.21

Madris Site Analysis 4.12.2021 T.Nally

Letter to Bulfinch 10 Brookline Place from BSCSC 4.8.2021

Potential for additional housing-commercial space 4.5.2021 K.Brewton

Preliminary Corridor Survey Summary 3.22.2021 K.Brewton

10 Brookline Place Site Analysis 2.22.2021 K.Brewton

Staff Presentation from 2.3.2021

Gateway East Bus Lanes Presentation

Victor Sheen Presentation from 12.9.20 Meeting

Process and Preliminary Implementation Recommendations 10.14.2020

Boylston Street Staff Recommendation Sheet with Committee Comments

Boylston Street Corridor Recent Development Overview Sheet

Previous Planning Studies for Boylston Street Corridor, including:

Pam McKinney’s market analysis for Boylston Street 

Central Transportation Planning Study of Boylston Street (Route 9) - presented to the Metropolitan Planning Organization on 1/22/2020: Draft Report , Final Report, Appendices & Presentation to MPO

Boylston Street Visioning Group Final Report 

Bringing Back Boylston: A Vision and Action Plan for Route 9 East (MIT Study) 

10.14.20 Boylston Street PowerPoint

1994 Boylston Street Design Guidelines

Mapping & Property Information:

Lower Boylston Street Zoning Map and Lower Boylston Street Zoning District Information

Lower Boylston Parcel Map  and Lower Boylston Parcel Database Information

Boylston Street Corridor Land Use Map