Advisory Committee Subcommittees

Administration & Finance Subcommittee

Oversees Advisory Committee, Conditions of Appropriation, Debt and Interest, Finance, Information Technology, Selectmen, Town Clerk, and Unclassified budgets and related issues.


Ad Hoc Committee on Budget Review Practices

Assignments include review of budget priorities and revenue projections with the Town Administrator and staff; analysis of the budget as a whole; amendment proposals for Financial Plan as warranted.


Capital Subcommittee

Oversees Building, Capital Improvements Program, Public Works, and Recreation budgets and related issues.


Human Services Subcommittee

Oversees Council on Aging, Health, Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relations, Library, and Veterans Services budgets and related issues.


Land Use, Zoning and Sustainability Subcommittee

Assignments include budgets of Legal Services and Planning and Community Development



Personnel Subcommittee

Oversees Collective Bargaining, Human Resources, and Personnel Benefits budgets and related issues.


Public Safety Subcommittee

Oversees Fire and Police Department budgets and related issues.


Schools Subcommittee

Oversees the School department budget and related issues.


To view Subcommittee Reports, please click on the corresponding year and then the folder for either Spring or Fall or inquire with the Advisory Committee Secretary. 

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