Sustainability Brand Contest

Calling all artists, graphic designers, marketing professionals, brand developers, writers, language gurus, and creative individuals...

The Town of Brookline Sustainability Office announces its SUSTAINABILITY BRAND CONTEST:

The Town of Brookline seeks your help, creative ideas and skills in designing a logo and a tagline (slogan) for its sustainability initiatives. The Town is seeking a new community brand to represent Brookline’s collective progress toward an environmentally sustainable future.

The competition is open to Brookline stakeholders.

Prize(s) for winning submission(s):

• A $500 prize will be paid for a conceptual (draft) logo that is used in the final brand.

• A $500 prize will be paid for a conceptual (draft) tagline that is used in the final brand.


• A $2000 prize will be awarded if a final, comprehensive brand product is submitted and selected.

Contest starts in October 2019. Please get out your creative toolkits and start creating!

Check back here in October 2019 to learn more about the contest, dates, submission steps and requirements.