Margaret E. Robinson Playground

Robinson Playground

Playground Facilities

Margaret E. Robinson Playground includes a youth baseball / softball infield, large paved basketball court, and a play area, with trees in the northwest corner. It is separated from the Walnut Place conservation restriction by one lot. This park has a variety of edge conditions: one is sloped, one lined with trees, 2 sides are lined with houses, and 2 with streets. The vegetation is not notable except along the perimeter, where there are mature trees.

Park History

The Margaret E. Robinson Playground was the site of the car barn lot for the Boston Elevated Railway Company in the 1890s. Edward H. and Elizabeth B. Hill sold it to the town for playground purposes in 1939. Margaret E. Robinson was a Brookline resident and served as chair of the Democratic Town Committee, member of the School Committee for 6 years, Town Meeting Member, president of the Democratic Women's Club, member of the Women's Relief Corps, president of the American Legion Auxiliary of the Brookline Post, and a member of the National Civic Foundation. In 2001, a new irrigation system and field were installed with funds from the Community Development Block Grant.Park Renovation Project

Park Renovation Project 

The renovation of Robinson Playground will include the following Improvements.
- Universal access within the park;
- Treatment of the park’s perimeter and entries to address issues of accessibility;
- Redesign for a new playground and water play, including play equipment for all ages and resilient safety surfacing;
- Site furniture and destinations for seating and picnicking throughout the park;
- New plantings;
- Discussion of hardcourt play space;
-  Renovation of the natural turf areas   within the baseball field; and, 
- Reworking the grading and drainage to direct runoff appropriately.