Webex Accessibility & Shortcuts

Webex Accessibility Features

Low Vision Support:

  • Supports the high contrast scheme of the Windows OS
  • Supports the zoom functionality of the OS
  • Supports use of Accessible icons and also provides text alternatives

Screen Reader Support:

  • The application supports latest version of JAWS screen reader for the following elements:
    • Application menus and drop-down menus
    • Shared file titles and tab titles
    • Quick Start page buttons, button titles, and tooltips
    • Panel and Panels tray buttons, button titles, and tooltips
    • Annotation panel and toolbars
    • Shared Meeting window content area toolbars
    • Meeting Controls Panel buttons, button titles, and tooltips

Note: All the keyboard shortcuts listed in the Keyboard Navigation section work with Screen Reader.

Accessibility FAQs

Please refer to Cisco's Accessibility FAQ page, which contains FAQs for WebEx and other Cisco products. And read more about Cisco's accessibility initiatives

Complete list of Webex Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Windows Shortcuts

Alt + F4

Close any dialog box

Ctrl + +

Zoom in during sharing

Ctrl + -

Zoom out during sharing

Ctrl + A

Copy text from the Chat panel

Ctrl + Alt + A

Share an application

Ctrl + Alt + D

Share your screen

Ctrl + Alt + N

Share a whiteboard

Ctrl + Alt + O

Share a file or video

Ctrl + Alt + Shift

Show the Meeting Controls panel while sharing

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H

Hide the Meeting controls, panels, and notifications while sharing (Webex Meetings)

Hide the Webex Events window (Webex Events)

Ctrl + Alt +S

Allow all participants to share

Ctrl + K

Assign privileges to participants

Ctrl + M

Mute or unmute your audio

Ctrl + O

Browse to open and share a file

Ctrl + Shift + <

Rotate the page left while sharing a file

Ctrl + Shift + >

Rotate the page right while sharing a file

Ctrl + Shift + Q

Show or hide the meeting controls

Ctrl + Shift + W

Adjust the page size to fit the viewer during sharing

Ctrl + Shift + Y

Synchronize the display of a shared page, slide, or whiteboard in all participant content viewers with the display in your viewer

Ctrl + Tab

Switch between Panel View

Switch between tabs in the following dialog boxes:

  • Invite and Remind
  • Preferences
  • Meeting Options
  • Participant Privileges

Ctrl + W

Close a shared file or whiteboard

Ctrl + Y

Redo the last action

Ctrl + Z

Undo the last action


Cancel an action, or close an active window, menu, panel, or notification in full-screen sharing mode


Access Webex Meetings Help


Switch between the content area and the panels area


During file sharing, use to advance to the next slide


During file sharing, use to return to the previous slide

Shift + F10

Use right+click menus in the following panels and elements:

  • Participants panel
  • Chat panel
  • Notes panel (Webex Meetings)
  • Q & A panel (Webex Events)
  • Closed Captions panel
  • File Transfer window
  • Shared whiteboard and file tabs
    Work with the participant list
    Copy text from the Chat panel
  1. MacOS shortcuts