Brookline Green Electricity Program Metrics


How much additional renewable energy has been purchased since the beginning of the program?

96,828,447 kWh of extra renewable energy has been purchased, equivalent to....

Data Source: Good Energy, July 2017 - March 2020

cum thru Mar 2020 kwh

I want to know more about MA  Class I renewable energy and the MA Clean Energy Standard - and how the Town’s partnership with Green Energy Consumers Alliance goes beyond these standards.

MA Class I - Clean Energy Standard - Green Energy Consumers’ benefits Info Sheet

How many electricity accounts are there in Brookline?

Eversource’s electricity outage page includes total number of accounts in Brookline.

How many residences/ households are in Brookline?

24,541 occupied housing units, according to the American Community Survey, 2013-2018 average, Table DP04

How many accounts are part of the Brookline Green Electricity program?

As of March 2020: 17,462 accounts are part of the BGE program. Of these, 15,235 are residential accounts.

Of those enrolled in the BGE program, how many accounts are signed up for each product?

As of March 2020: 17,462 total accounts in the BGE program

  • Brookline All Green (100%) Product: 852 accounts
  • Brookline Green 65 (65%) Product: 27 accounts
  • Brookline Green (default, 30%) Product: 15,766 accounts
  • Brookline Basic (0%) Product: 817 accounts

Data Source: Good Energy, March 2020

march 2020 BGE