Transportation & Mobility Improvement Program

capture-20210625-104332As part of our Transportation & Mobility Improvement Program, the Department of Public Works and our consultant, Environmental Partners, has completed a study to better understand the condition of our infrastructure assets related to Transportation and Mobility on the public way. Using this data, the primary goal of the program, is to establish benchmarks and coordinate infrastructure improvements to leverage available funding in an efficient manner benefiting all users and modes.

The techniques used include Pavement Preservation surface treatments, such as crack sealing, fog seal, bonded wearing course, and micro-surfacing to keep our structurally sound roads in good condition before having to repair significant damage. These pavement preservation treatments extend the life and serviceability of our roadway's pavement. In addition to Pavement Preservation, the Town also mills, overlays, and reclaims streets with worse pavement conditions. The amount of streets that the Town improves each year fluctuates based on the Department's annual capital improvement budget allocation and the cost of the labor and treatment materials. A description of the different pavement treatments used within the Town of Brookline is available here.

Additionally, the Department replaces sidewalks with concrete each year to improve ADA & PROWAG access and walkability throughout the Town. Guided by our ADA Compliance Report, the location and amount of sidewalks replaced fluctuates annually based on the Department's annual capital improvement budget allocation and the cost of the labor and materials. Heavy pedestrian areas around schools, commercial zones, and houses of worship are prioritized.

Public Input Portal

As part of the Transportation & Mobility program, the Department would like to gather constituent input on the projects that have been highly prioritized by our infrastructure asset management program through an interactive map. Please keep comments limited to long-range planning feedback. For maintenance issues, please visit our BrookONline request portal at

Transportation & Mobility Plan Reports

Summary Reports

March 28, 2022 Public Meeting

July 14, 2021 Public Meeting

June 16, 2021 Public Meeting

DPW Commissioner Gallentine, Senior Project Staff, and the Town's consultant, Conrad Leger of Environmental Partners, conducted a public meeting to introduce the Department's new Transportation & Mobility Improvement Program
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