Driscoll School

The Driscoll School is a proposed new school that would be located near Washington Square.

This project is a Major Impact Project due to its size.  A Design Advisory Team will be chosen to review the project and give feedback before the application moves to the Planning Board and the ZBA.

Below are the submitted plans and materials from the applicant:

The Planning Board reviewed an initial presentation at their meeting on May 21, 2020 and subsequently discussed the appointment of a Design Advisory Team, to which they nominated Mark Zarrillo and Matthew Oudens from the Planning Board, one Preservation Commission member to be chosen, and Victor Kusmin and Arjun Mande from the School Building Committee.

> Presentation to the Planning Board, May 21, 2020

> Presentation to the Design Advisory Team, June 17, 2020

Design Advisory Team Meeting - July 15, 2020

> Presentation to DAT

> Meeting Recording: https://brooklinema.zoomgov.com/rec/share/yeJ8Ab_57XpIf4nos3GDV7AGLrzneaa81nBIrqUPyR0QN5LqqFd1YUubGPfPoOq6     Access Password: 6c=1?6Jp