Waldo-Durgin Development

The Waldo-Durgin Mixed-Use Project is a large mixed-use development to include a hotel, a residential building, and a parking garage along with commercial uses along the street-front. The development is being proposed pursuant to an overlay zoning district that was established at Coolidge Corner at the 2019 Annual Town Meeting. More information on the process leading up to the creation of this overlay zoning district can be found at the webpage for the Coolidge Corner Study Committee.

This project is a Major Impact Project due to its size.  


KEY DATES: See Town Calendar for official notice and agendas.



Design Advisory Team

A Design Advisory Team was chosen to review the project and give feedback before the application moves to the Planning Board and the ZBA.

Design Advisory Team (DAT) Members:

Linda Hamlin (chair), Planning Board Representative

Blair Hines, Planning Board Rep.

Andrea Brue, Planning Board Rep.

Elton Elperin, Preservation Commission Rep.

Linda Pehlke, Neighborhood Rep.

Lauren Bernard, Neighborhood Rep.

Anne Meyers, Neighborhood Rep.

Carlos Ridruejo, Architect

Greg Zurlo, Architect

The DAT is charged with assisting the Planning Board in design review of the project and will use the Waldo-Durgin Overlay District Design Guidelines and the Community and Environmental Impact and Design Standards of Section 5.09.4 as guidance for the evaluation of the project. At the conclusion of the DAT’s review, the DAT may submit a report to the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals for consideration. Subsequent to the DAT process, the applicant will return to the Planning Board for further Design Review and Site Plan Review.

Design Advisory Team Meeting 1-27-22


Staff Report dated 1-6-22

Applicant Presentation

Sustainability Narrative

Meeting Recording: https://brooklinema.zoomgov.com/rec/share/U-uV08hBRL_1yjPrsDFuVDUHyv4nrWZViD6YZ_NLVQPIXuy4oBowiMPqrL0Sr7Au.HKKE37Pt1ADag69s

Design Advisory Team Meeting 2-16-22


Applicant Presentation

Meeting Recording: https://brooklinema.zoomgov.com/rec/share/C4koh0Kq7QFRiFl2J15CUJCN4qJTIREhawuIL5uJ2d8i8mKgs2WGokv2aHUancK9.sMn1g41TuW0v7EGU 

Design Advisory Team Meeting 3-9-22


Applicant Presentation

Meeting Recording: https://brooklinema.zoomgov.com/rec/share/jOFBAKRPFjRh8rwNqCpVlNq_Ixu8D3JchnHJeIVMKjI6vge6flbT1wEGnksABb2P.oDJJAXGDwsZAPhGR

Design Advisory Team Meeting 3-23-22


Applicant Presentation

Meeting Recording: https://brooklinema.zoomgov.com/rec/share/HdJXuiUWaCl8uqn7OWKz8kGSMdy0tiZ2Fk5pEfq7jPgAOmgSDlc_Fd4nAWIS7iwU.vrRkmX7R8vqO0-6T

Design Advisory Team Meeting 4-13-22


Applicant Presentation

Meeting Recording: https://brooklinema.zoomgov.com/rec/share/CQlg4SsM9m5P5lUrApi0A1BCkDoc-mcu4yy7holmbym1BndOxJ5PAzMrmWDCPZhS.Cg5eTGK1t-GXLbp-