Outdoor Dining Program

Page last updated on 11/10/2022

Outdoor Seating Licenses Available for Common Victualler Licenses Holders

Brookline restaurants with Common Victualler licenses are eligible to apply for a seasonal or annual outdoor seating license. 

Apply for an Outdoor Seating License

Visit the Town's online application portal to apply for an Outdoor Seating License. Follow this link for Step-by-step instructions for the online application.

Outdoor Dining Program Regulations and Guidelines

Common Victuallers interested in offering outdoor seating located on public property (i.e. sidewalk or on-street outdoor seating), should carefully review the Outdoor Dining Program Regulations & Guidelines (including the license fee structure), updated in October 2022, as well as the additional materials for review listed below. Documents for submission (listed below) should be completed and submitted as separate attachments via the online application portal. 

Outdoor Dining License Types & Fees

Seasonal outdoor seating is permitted from April 1 – November 15 (7.5 months). It is possible to obtain a combination of seasonal and annual outdoor seating licenses (for example, an annual sidewalk license and a seasonal on-street license), but fees must be paid for both license types.

OUTDOOR SEATING LICENSE FEES: Licensees must pay be all required application and license fees in connection with Outdoor Seating License.

Fee Effective 

April 1, 2022

Fee Effective 

January 1, 2023*

Fee Effective 

January 1, 2024*

Fee Effective 

January 1, 2025*

Annual On-Street





Seasonal On-Street





Annual Sidewalk





Seasonal Sidewalk





* Fee increases must be reviewed and approved by the Select Board prior to implementation.

Outdoor Seating Application Materials

Application Documents Required for All Applicants:Related Documents for Review and Reference:
Other Application Documents (only required if applicable):
  • Fire Department Liquid Propane Outdoor Patio Heater Permit
  • Certificate of Liquor Liability Insurance
  • Proof of Consent by Third Parties
  • Building Department review of plans for On-Street Outdoor Seating Structures with Roofs
Additional Application Reference Materials:

Town of Brookline’s Snow Removal By-Law

Questions? Contact Tiffany Souza, Licensing Specialist, at [email protected].