Brookline Village Parking Benefit District Advisory Board


  • Emily Jacobsen, term expires 2024
  • Sara Petras, term expires 2024
  • Karen Flannery, term expires 2023
  • Lisa Wasserman Sivan, term expires 2023
  • Vacancy

  • Vacancy
  • Anne Trecker, term expires 2022
  • Fred Perry, term expires 2024
  • Liz Linder, term expires 2023


The BVPBDAB may recommend increases or changes to parking meter rates, any of which must be approved by the Select Board. Any incremental funds generated in the PBD shall be placed in a distinct revolving account, which shall carry over year-to-year. The BVPBDAB shall develop an annual budget and recommendations for expenditures within the PBD, which shall be approved by the Select Board.

May, 2019 Town Meeting Required:

  • Nine Member
  • 3-year staggered terms
  • At least five members "shall be individuals who own or manage commercial businesses located in the district"

BVPBDAB Ideas (working document)