LHD Design Guidelines Revision Subcommittee

The Brookline Preservation Commission has been conducting ongoing subcommittee meetings to complete comprehensive revisions to our Local Historic District design guidelines.  This project was originally started in 2019, paused in 2021, and restarted in January 2023.

The proposed Revised LHD Guidelines strive to clarify and re-enforce existing reviews while also implementing further protective measures on smaller, character-defining features such as exterior lighting. Expanded guidelines on appropriate mechanical and renewable energy systems are also being developed to more accurately advise property owners within our nine historic districts.

All members of the Preservation Commission participate in the Subcommittee.

We encourage and welcome the public to attend and participate.

Next meeting: March 21st, 2023 at 8:15 AM

To view the latest completed sections of the draft document, please see the LHD Guidelines Draft project folder.  This folder also contains a project timeline and a "to-do" list.

See our current Local Historic District Design Guidelines here.

  1. Meeting Notes
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  1. Proposed Revisions