Carlton Street Footbridge Rehabilitation

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NOTICE of NIGHT WORK on FOOTBRIDGE at MBTA ROW weeks of 2/27/2023 and 3/6/2023

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Commissioner of Public Works introduces 2021 Riverway Park Projects and Underscores Footbridge Construction Impacts to Monmouth Neighbors:

MassDOT holds a 03/24/2021 Public Information Meeting (PIM) at Project Start to Review Scope of Work, Sequencing and Anticipated Schedule:

DPW and the Transportation Board (Hearing to be held 5/24/2021) Launch Public Outreach (Community Meeting held 4/15/2021) as Engineering & Transportation Staff Work with Neighbors and the Bike/Ped Advisory Committees to Develop a Concept Plan for Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Improvements at the intersection of Carlton and Colchester Streets, and Carlton Path, to Provide Safe Egress at the Footbridge:

DPW and Pressley Associates Landscape Architects Collaborate to Restore Plantings at the Carlton Street Footbridge Entry and Olmsted's Overlook at Riverway Park, a Plan to be Installed at Footbridge Completion:

BROOKLINE Carlton St Footbridge Landscape Restoration Plan 08-28-2018