Centre Street Zoning Committee


  • Nancy Heller, Chair
  • Carol Caro
  • Ken Goldstein
  • Rob Heist
  • Bobbie Knable
  • Carlos Riduejo
  • Dan Rosen
  • Chuck Swartz
  • Neil Wishinsky

The Centre Street Zoning Committee (CSZC or Committee) is charged with the responsibility of reviewing, analyzing and proposing modifications to the senior housing redevelopment proposal presented by Hebrew Senior Life (HSL) for its campus and in particular redevelopment of its properties at 108 Centre Street and 120 Centre Street.   

The primary focus of the CSZC shall be to evaluate the proposed senior development scenario prepared by HSL.  The evaluation shall involve a review of information provided by Town staff, the Council on Aging, Housing Advisory Board and HSL, among others as well as additional information requested of HSL.  The Committee will review information on neighborhood and community impacts, current use of the existing properties, affordability, proposed site layout, and other issues related to the proposal.   The CSZC shall also review the impact on and possible collaboration with the Town’s Senior Center and related programs and services.  Comment and feedback will also be actively solicited from nearby residents and other interested parties. The Committee will, per the Town’s Community Engagement Plan, make a robust effort to engage the public, including our most vulnerable populations and those who are typically not involved in local government. 

Additional issues that the CSZC shall address shall include but not necessarily be limited to:    traffic impacts, historic preservation, sustainability elements, visual, massing and shadow impacts, relocation of current tenants and the provision of senior housing for low and moderate-income seniors, as well as expanding all housing opportunities for seniors.

Town staff will provide assistance to the CSZC, and members of boards, committees and commissions will be encouraged to attend and participate in meetings as needed or desired.  The Planning Director shall ensure that all relevant boards, committees and commissions or staff under her jurisdiction and well as other municipal departments are aware of the work of the CSZC and have sufficient information in order to provide comment, expert opinion and/or attend its public meetings.  The CSZC shall be authorized and delegated to work with the Select Board, Town Administrator, Planning Director, Town Counsel, Building Commissioner, Director of Council on Aging, and any consultants engaged by the Town in order to develop recommendations to the Select Board relative to proposed terms for a Memorandum of Agreement with HSL to address, including but not limited to, community impacts, affordability, tax certainty, operations, relocation, collaboration with the Brookline Senior Center, and sustainability.  

It is expected that the ultimate deliverables of the CSZC shall be a proposed Zoning Amendment to create a Senior Overlay District, a Memorandum of Agreement between the Town and HSL, and any other associated documents to be submitted for approval at a future Town Meeting.  

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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