Lab and Bio/Life Sciences Subcommittee

last updated 11/9/2021


On February 1, 2021, the Economic Development Advisory Board voted to create a Subcommittee whose charge is as follows. Subcommittee members are Paul Saner, Marilyn Newman, Cliff Brown, and Carol Levin.

EDAB is creating an ad hoc subcommittee to investigate and evaluate the addition of Research & Development and/or Laboratory Life Science and other related uses to the Brookline Zoning By-Law beyond the present GMR district at Brookline Place.

The ad hoc subcommittee will research market, design, safety, zoning, licensing, monitoring, financial, infrastructure and transportation requirements, community impacts and acceptance and other considerations germane to the topic. This work will be done in coordination with other ongoing or future planning efforts. The ad hoc subcommittee will endeavor to provide a draft report with preliminary recommendations to EDAB.

Important Documents