Substance Use & Prevention

Brookline Prevention and Intervention Programs for Youth: A Town/School Partnership

Brookline’s Prevention and Intervention Programs for Youth, a division of the Brookline Department of Public Health and Human Services, provides wellness programming via three distinct interconnected initiatives:

  • B-SAPP (Brookline Substance Abuse Prevention Program)
  • B-PEN (Brookline Parent Education Network)
  • Peer Leadership

These groups engage multiple sectors of the community representing the diversity of Brookline (students, parents, school, mental health, and public health professionals) to:

  • Promote evidence-based strategies for building resilience and emotional wellbeing
  • Foster positive teen relationships and mental health
  • Reduce the incidence of alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, and other drug use among Brookline Youth.

FOR: Help with Alcohol/Substance Use Issues

FOR: Mental Health Resources

Program Staff:

Mary Minott, LICSW

Program Coordinator, 617-713-5155
BHS room 149b

I am a clinical social worker counseling teens and their families with mental health and substance use concerns. It is also a privilege to work with BHS Peer Leaders who are committed to helping their community - through prevention education, culture change, and early intervention. I believe in balance in one's life. If you don't take care of yourself you can't be your best self to care for others. My self care includes long walks with my partner and my dog, competitive tennis, reading historical novels, and good friends.


Abby Dean, LICSW, MPH

Program Social Worker, 617-713-5149
BHS room 149a

I am a Brookline resident and have kids in the public schools. After many years of running addiction and mental health programs, I felt it was time to share my skills with my town.  I believe that to decrease substance use  and mental health disorders, the underlying problems need to be addressed through a community approach. This program allows us to work with the affected groups and institutions as needed.  Wellness needs to be addressed at home as well, so I use gardening, family, friends, pets and nature to calm my brain.


June Harris

B-PEN Coordinator
BHS room 149c

Karen Campbell

B-PEN Media Coordinator
BHS room 149c