Brookline Prevention & Intervention Program (B-PIP)

The Brookline Prevention & Intervention Program (B-PIP)

Mission: B-PIP (Brookline Prevention and Intervention Program) part of the Brookline Public Health and Human Services Department, provides violence and substance use prevention, education, and early intervention services to enhance the health and wellbeing of Brookline residents and students. To contact program staff, call 617-713-5149, or stop by room 149 at BHS.

Goal: Reduce the incidence of violence and substance use disorders as well as associated negative health effects in Brookline. 

  • Reduce incidence of underage substance use, with a focus on vaping nicotine and marijuana, ingesting alcohol, and using other substances 
  • Prevention and intervention of gender violence, sexual harassment and assault, and other violent acts
  • Promote positive mental health 
  • Promote positive parenting strategies 
  • Promote healthy relationships 
  • Foster youth leadership

As a program of the Town of Brookline Public Health and Human Services Department, B-PIP encompasses: 

  • B-CASA (Brookline Coalition Advocating Substance Awareness) - The Coalition includes: peer leaders from Brookline High School; parents; substance misuse treatment providers; youth-serving professionals from school, police, court, juvenile rehabilitation services; and other community organizations. This diverse group is united in its efforts to prevent teens’ misuse of alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, and the risky behavior that goes with it. The Coalition aims to devise and implement research-based prevention strategies that address the underlying issues and risk factors contributing to teen substance abuse in Brookline.
  • B-PEN (Brookline Parent Education Network) - helps parents navigate the social, emotional and developmental challenges affecting Brookline's teens and pre-teens. B-PEN collaborates with the Public Schools of Brookline and PTO's to facilitate parent connections with: other parents school and town resources helpful information via written/electronic materials on a wide variety of teen concerns
  • BHS Peer Leadership - Peer Leadership is comprised of a group of students who have identified social issues in their community and want to tackle them head on. These issues include gender based violence, mental health, racism, social media and technology,  alcohol and other drug education, and much, much more. As Peer Leaders they are change agents by creating presentations, videos, media campaigns, and group discussions for Brookline community members. 
  • Clinical Support Services - Free and confidential counseling services are available for all students and their family members to address substance misuse and associated risk behaviors. Social workers with expertise in adolescent development support students with a wide range of issues, from early experimentation to heavy substance use. The program provides substance use and mental health evaluations, individual and group counseling, and parent guidance.