Brookline Substance Abuse Prevention Program (B-SAPP)

~B-SAPP~ The Brookline Substance Abuse Prevention Program 

The Brookline Substance Abuse Prevention Program (B-SAPP) provides confidential consultations and counseling to students and their families for any alcohol or other drug- related problems. To contact program staff, call 617-713-5155, or stop by room 149 at BHS.

Services include:

Information and Referral:

Program social worker Abby Dean provide students, parents, and school staff with information on marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, and other drug use. Counselors can help access community resources, such as outpatient providers, residential programs, and self-help groups.

  • For help with alcohol/substance use issues.
  • For mental health resources 

B-SAPP Counseling Services:

Free and confidential counseling services are available for all students and their family members to address substance misuse and associated risk behaviors. Social workers with expertise in adolescent development support students with a wide range of issues, from early experimentation to heavy substance use. The program provides substance abuse and mental health evaluations, individual and group counseling, and parent guidance.

Youth Diversion Program:

In lieu of disciplinary or legal action, students may be referred to this program for violation of the school chemical health policies or community laws. Referred students receive a substance use assessment and intervention plan that may include alcohol and drug education, counseling services, and referrals to community resources.