The following voluntary benefits will be offered during the enrollment:

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  • Short Term Disability Insurance helps you pay everyday living expenses and out-of-pocket expenses not covered by major medical plans. Provides a monthly benefit to replace your income if you are unable to work due to a covered disability. Choose among a variety of plans.
  • Accident Insurance helps offset unexpected medical expenses, such as deductibles and co-payments that can result from a fracture, dislocation or other covered accidental injury.
  • Critical Illness Insurance helps offset the out-of-pocket medical and indirect non-medical expenses related to critical illness that most medical plans may not cover.
  • Whole Life Insurance provides death benefit coverage with guaranteed features including cash value accumulation, premium rates and death benefit (minus any loans and loan interest). Flexible premium payments and coverage amounts.
Don’t forget: We are asking that each benefit eligible employee meet briefly with a benefits advisor. We would like everyone to make a fully educated decision. When you meet with an advisor, you will receive your FREE College Tuition Benefit and FREE Wellcard.

Complimentary benefits provided to you when you meet with a benefit counselor:

  • Complimentary College Tuition Benefit: Provides guaranteed college scholarships designed to benefit your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Each child you enroll can earn up to 1 free year of college tuition at over 350+ colleges across the US. See the list of schools at CollegeTuitionBenefit.com.
  • Complimentary WellCard: Provides discounts on health and wellness services. It could save you money on doctor office visits, prescription drugs and more. Visit WellCardSavings for more information.

Important features of Colonial Life’s coverage:

  • Benefits are paid directly to you, unless you specify otherwise, to use as you see fit.
  • With most plans, you can continue coverage with no increase in premium when you retire or change jobs.
  • Most plans pay benefits regardless of any other insurance you may have with other companies.
  • Most plans offer coverage for your spouse and dependent children.

To enroll in Colonial Life Benefits, contact...

Christine Gordon
[email protected]