Moderator’s Charge to the Committee created pursuant to Article 36 of the Town of Brookline’s 2021 Annual Town Meeting relating to the 2020 Report of the Brookline Fiscal Advisory Committee

The Moderator has appointed a committee (the “Committee”) pursuant to Article 36 of Brookline’s 2021 Annual Town Meeting. This Committee is comprised of David Pollak, Ben Franco, David Kirschner, Petra Bignami, Janet Gelbart, and Michael Toffel. If the Moderator deems it appropriate, the Moderator may appoint additional members to the Committee.

The Moderator charges the Committee as follows:

The Committee shall:

  1. Document the status of deliberations regarding each of the 18 recommendations contained in the February 2020 report prepared by the Brookline Fiscal Advisory Committee (the “BFAC Report”). The BFAC Report reviewed and evaluated Brookline’s fiscal and financial projections, the budget principles and financial policies of the Town and the Public Schools of Brookline. 
  2. Document whether the recommendations in the BFAC Report have been accepted or rejected by the Town and/or relevant public bodies.
  3. Document the state of implementation of plans and activities recommended by the BFAC Report.  
  4. Deliver written reports to Town Meeting Members, the Select Board, the School Committee and the Committee on Town Organization and Structure by August 15, 2021, February 15, 2022, and August 15, 2022 (the “Reporting Dates”).   
  5. The Committee shall hold at least one public hearing during each of the three periods described in paragraph 4 above.
  6. The Committee shall make at least one public presentation within a week of the submission of each written report.
  7. If the Committee deems it advisable, it may draft and submit Warrant Articles requesting that Town Meeting act on any unimplemented BFAC Report recommendation. The Committee is encouraged, but is not required, to submit any such Warrant Articles for consideration at the Town Meetings directly following a Reporting Date.   Nothing herein prevents the Committee from submitting a Warrant Article after a Reporting Date.
  8. The Committee shall conduct its affairs in accordance with the Open Meeting Laws.

June 22, 2021
Kate Poverman
Brookline Town Moderator