Commission on Disability Membership

Current Members (Updated December 2023)

The Commission on Disability is made up of nine (9) members:

  • James Lee, Chair (2025)
  • Miriam Aschkenasy, Select Board Member (N/A), Co-Chair
  • Saralynn Allaire (2024)
  • Robert Heist (2024)
  • Joan Mahon (2026)
  • Nancy Moore, Transportation Board Liaison (non-voting member) (N/A)
  • Elaine Ober (2026)
  • Shawn O'Neal (2025)
  • Vacancy
  • Henry Winkelman (2026)

Apply for Membership

Update December 2023: The Commission on Disability has one (1) opening for a new voting member. Members of the public are always welcome to attend Commission on Disability meetings. Please check the Town calendar for more information.