Water & Electricity


Electrocution can result from direct contact with live wires or anything that has been energized by these wires. Locate your home’s main electric switch, which is normally in the garage or outdoors, where the power lines enter the home. The panel box may have a flip switch or pull handle on a large circuit breaker.

Shut off electricity when:

  • Arcing or burning occurs in electrical devices
  • There is a fire or significant water leak
  • You smell burning insulation
  • The area around switches or plugs is blackened and/or hot to the touch
  • A complete power loss is accompanied by the smell of burning material


Water leaks can cause property damage and create an electrocution hazard. Shut off the water when there is a leak inside the building. The water shutoff is usually located in the basement, garage, or where the water line enters the home. The water shutoff is located on a riser pipe and is usually a red or yellow wheel. Turn wheel clockwise to shut off.