Progress Update 6/1/23


The Moderator’s Committee on Brookline’s Marijuana Policies (the “Committee” or “MCMP”) was created pursuant to Article 9 of Brookline’s 2021 Special Fall Town Meeting.  Pursuant to that Article, the Moderator’s charge to the Committee is as follows:

  1. Consider and make recommendations regarding Brookline’s policy goals relating to recreational marijuana sales, delivery, and consumption, considering: (a) maintaining reasonable adult access; (b) tax revenues or other income to the Town; (c) revenues to minorities; (d) revenues to economically disadvantaged populations; and (e) the health impacts on adult and underage populations.
  2. Review the Massachusetts Marijuana Cannabis Control Commission’s implementation plan and timeline as it relates to granting licenses for cannabis retail outlets and delivery mechanisms.
  3. Consider federal, state, and local laws regulating the use and sale of tobacco and recommend whether any of them should be applied to the use and sale of marijuana in Brookline.
  4. Consider and recommend whether restrictions should be imposed on advertising directed towards underage populations.
  5. Consider and recommend whether to create a data acquisition and analysis framework to understand the health impacts of recreational use of marijuana in Brookline.

As part of its analysis and review, the Committee shall consult with parties representing a diversity of views, including adults who use recreational marijuana, adults who do not use recreational marijuana, high school and college students, and representatives of economically, socially, or racially disadvantaged communities.

The Committee shall prepare a report (a) summarizing its conclusions from Items 1 through 5 above; (b) recommending policy goals for Brookline relating to recreational marijuana; and (c) recommending amendments to Town bylaws if it concludes they are necessary to implement Brookline’s policy goals. If the report recommends amendments to Town bylaws, the report shall include one or more warrant articles relating to these recommended amendments. The Report and any proposed warrant articles shall be submitted for consideration at the next Town Meeting.