FY 23 Subcommittee Meeting Minutes on Warrant Articles & Combined Reports

Warrant Article # / DescriptionAC Meeting DateLinkCombined Report
1.   Appointment of measures of wood and bark04/21/22n/aCombined Report
2.   Collective bargaining04/07/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
3.   Compensating Balance Agreements04/05/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
4.   Bond authorization rescission04/21/22n/aCombined Report
5.   Approval of unpaid bills04/05/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
6.   Acceptance of legislation to increase certain property tax exemptions04/05/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
7.   Authorize acceptance /granting of easements in the areas 19-21 and 25 Brington Rd04/28/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
8.   FY23 Budget Vote & Conditions of Appropriation04/12/22n/aCombined Report
9.   Amendments to Art 4.8 of the Town's By-Laws: Living Wage04/07/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
10. Appropriation for Comprehensive Plan04/26/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
11. Cost of Living Adjustment base for retirees from $13K-$15K04/07/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
12. Amend Article 3.14 of the Town's By-Laws to revise the citizen complaint process05/17/22
Combined Report
13. Amend Article 5.5, 10.2 & 10.3 of the Town's By-Laws to revise corresponding references found in Articles 3.14 related to the citizen complaint process05/17/22
Combined Report
14. Amend the Town's Zoning By-Laws pertaining to special permit conditions for construction projects04/12/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
15. Amend the Town's Zoning By-Laws pertaining to Boylston St East Special District04/12/22Not being movedCombined Report
16. Amend Article 4.07 Table of Use Regs minimum depth ground floor non residential space in multi family bldgs in L and G Zoning Districts 04/12/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
17. Amend Article 6 Zoning Bylaws to increase requirements for electric vehicle ready parking spaces 04/26/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
18. Amend 2 and 6 Zoning Bylaws re Bicycle Parking and Design Regs 04/26/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
19. Resolution: Vision Zero Study Committee 04/12/22No recommendationCombined Report
20. Resolution: Pedestrian-Friendly Lighting Policy04/12/22No recommendationCombined Report
21. Resolution: Community Choice Aggregation Program04/12/22No recommendationCombined Report
22. Amend General Bylaws to Restrict sale / distribution of products containing PFAS04/14/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
23. Resolution: Athletic Field Surface Task Force 04/14/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
24. Amend General Bylaws pertaining to Artificial Turf Surfaces04/14/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
25. Amend General Bylaws to ban single use plastics04/14/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
26. Amend 3.16 General Bylaws pertaining to Parks and Rec Commission04/28/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
27. Amend 8.31 General Bylaws  pertaining to leaf blowers04/28/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
28. Home Rule Petition: Expand local voting rights to 16 & 17 year olds 04/21/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
29. Home Rule Petition: Expand local voting rights to permanent legal residents 04/21/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
30. Resolution: Eliminate parking requirement at Kent/Station St Senior Affordable Housing Dev 05/10/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
31.Resolution: Opposition to state ballot question on defining and regulating App-Based Drivers 05/05/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
32. Resolution: Calling for an end the US embargo of Cuba 04/28/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
33. Amend 2.1 General Bylaws re: Codifying the Town Mtg Handbook 05/10/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
34. Resolution: Transparency during TM deliberations05/05/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
35. Resolution: TMM Email List05/05/22Meeting MinutesCombined Report
FY 23 Subcommittee Meeting Minutes on Warrant Articles & Combined Reports