Commission's Statements

Statement in Solidarity with Our AAPI Community (PDF)

On Tuesday, March 23rd, the Brookline Commission for Women voted the following Statement in Solidarity with Our AAPI Community, Condemning Anti-Asian Hate and Violence Against Women.

아시아인 혐오 및 여성 폭력을 규탄하는 AAPI 커뮤니티 연대 성명

聲援我們的亞裔美國和太平洋島民 (AAPI) 社群 譴責反亞裔仇恨與暴力侵害婦女的聲明

Tuyên bố Đoàn kết với Cộng đồng AAPI của chúng tôi lên án sự căm ghét đối với người châu Á và bạo lực đối với phụ nữ




Every person of color should be able to walk any street with pride and in comfort, with peace of mind. Free from ridicule and judgement. Kimberlé Crenshaw, who developed and named the idea of “intersectionality," wrote: “If Black lives really do matter, ALL Black lives have to matter. That means Black lives across gender have to be lifted up. #SayHerName is a clarion call, not just a hashtag -- a demand that the stories and perspectives of Black women are included in our demands for justice and accountability.”

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