How to Read My Water & Sewer Bill

(see key below image for guide)



Check this list against the numbers on the image above to understand each part of your water bill.

  1. Account Number: Reference this number in any written or phone correspondence.
  2. Issue Date: Date invoice is mailed.
  3. Due Date: Date invoice is due (Payment must be received by this date to avoid interest charges).
  4. Meter Readings 
    1. Meter: This is the water meter number associated with the property address.
    2. Date: The previous & current read dates mark the beginning and end of the billing cycle.
    3. Type: (A= Actual Read), (E= Estimated Read), (S= Set; Meter Change).
    4. Size: Size of the water meter.
    5. Read: The previous and current reads shown on the meter on those dates.
  5. Usage Summary
    1. Usage: How many HCF(Hundred Cubic Feet) used during the billing cycle.
  6. New Charge Summary
    1. Sewer: Charges for sewer usage  (based off water usage)
    2. Sewer Base: Quarterly charge for meter (Charged based off meter size, even when no usage)
    3. Water: Charges for water usage
    4. Sewer Base: Quarterly charge for meter ( Charged based off meter size, even when no usage)
  7. Current Charges: Total amount due for current invoice
  8. Prior Balance: Outstanding balances from previous unpaid invoices
  9. Interest: Total interest for past due invoices
  10. Credits:  Credits on the account will be listed here and subtracted from the total due.