How to Read My Water & Sewer Bill

(see key below image for guide)

A Scan of a typical water and sewer bill, with numbers marking important areas.


Check this list against the numbers on the image above to understand each part of your water bill.

  1. Account Number: Reference this number in any written or phone correspondence.
  2. Issue Date: Date invoice is mailed.
  3. Due Date: Date invoice is due (Payment must be received by this date to avoid interest charges).
  4. Meter Readings 
    1. Meter: This is the water meter number associated with the property address.
    2. Date: The previous & current read dates mark the beginning and end of the billing cycle.
    3. Type: (A= Actual Read), (E= Estimated Read), (S= Set; Meter Change).
    4. Size: Size of the water meter.
    5. Read: The previous and current reads shown on the meter on those dates.
  5. Usage Summary
    1. Usage: How many HCF(Hundred Cubic Feet) used during the billing cycle.
  6. New Charge Summary
    1. Sewer: Charges for sewer usage  (based off water usage)
    2. Sewer Base: Quarterly charge for meter (Charged based off meter size, even when no usage)
    3. Water: Charges for water usage
    4. Sewer Base: Quarterly charge for meter ( Charged based off meter size, even when no usage)
  7. Current Charges: Total amount due for current invoice
  8. Prior Balance: Outstanding balances from previous unpaid invoices
  9. Interest: Total interest for past due invoices
  10. Credits:  Credits on the account will be listed here and subtracted from the total due.