Storm / Flooding

Winter Storms, hurricanes winds, and intense rain storms can cause floods, uprooted trees, and downed or broken utility lines.

Hurricanes & Coastal Storms

Coastal communities are subject to storm surge, flooding, and wind damage from hurricanes. Inland communities can experience riverine flooding from heavy rainfall, wind damage, and tornadoes that are associated with these storms. Northeaster storms also present wind, flood, and coastal surge threats throughout the year. Only a very small portion of Brookline is located in a Hurricane Flood zone - this area is along the Muddy River in the northeast part of the town.

See hurricane tip for residence.


Areas in Brookline vulnerable to flooding are well known, (Muddy River along Brookline Ave. and the Riverway-Sargent Estates Pond areas). However, the intensity of flooding impact and the amount of damage that can result from an especially heavy rainfall is sometimes worse than expected impacting areas not prone to flooding. Flash floods can occur with startling suddenness and can be especially devastating.

Access the Public Health Advisory Procedures for Flooding.

Winter Storms

The majority of blizzards and ice storms in the Commonwealth cause more massive inconvenience than they do serious property damage, injuries, or deaths. However, periodically, a storm will occur which is a true disaster, and requires an intense, large-scale emergency response. The Brookline Commissioner of Public Works is responsible for snow removal and finding locations to store snow and will inform the public of parking bans and other restrictions.