Police Complaints

Citizen Complaints (Reports to Police Commissioners Advisory Committee)

  1. Any person may make a complaint about police conduct directly to the Brookline Police Department, or to the Select Board. To complain directly to the Police Department, use the Police Dept. Civilian Complaints Page. Alternatively anyone may make such a complaint through the Police Commissioners Advisory Committee, by filling out this form and submitting it here. When the PCAC receives a complaint, it reviews the complaint and transmits it to both the Police Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the Select Board, along with any observations or recommendations of the PCAC. Sarah Kaplan, the PCAC’s Liaison to the Diversity Office, is available to assist a complainant with the complaint process at [email protected].

  2. 1. Complainant Information
  3. Are you willing to identify yourself?*
  4. 2. Incident Information
  5. Please provide the employee's name and badge number if you know it.

  6. If another employee was involved, please provide a their name and badge number if you know it. Otherwise, leave this blank.

  7. Previous Contacts with Accused Employee(s)
  8. Please list any other employees who may have been present at the time of this current complaint.

  9. Other Evidence or Documentation to Support Allegations
  10. 3. Witness Information

    Please identify all witnesses (for example, eyewitnesses) whom you believe possess information relevant to the complaint.

  11. Fill out the following fields if there was a second witness. Otherwise, leave these fields blank.

  12. Complainant Injuries

    Please describe all injuries as clearly as possible.

  13. Injuries Claimed
  14. Injuries Visible
  15. Doctor or Hospital Visited
  16. Photos or Other Documentation Taken of Injuries
  17. Willing to Release Photos or Other Documentation:
  18. Willing to Provide Medical Records
  19. 5. Incident Narrative

    Describe incident in detail giving specific times, dates, locations, witnesses, conversations, and actions.

  20. If you have previously provided a written narrative of the incident, i.e., email, letter, of the incident, do you wish this submission to serve as your narrative:*
  21. 6. Confidentiality
  22. Please specify any information that you wish the Department to maintain confidentially, to the extent doing so is permissible under the law.*
  23. I have reviewed the Brochure and Written Explanation of Citizen Complaint Procedures Provided to Complainant*
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