PW-22-18 Bonded Wearing Course

Bonded Wearing Course on Washington St, Allandale Rd, Summit Ave, & Jordan Rd

image of locationWhat it is:  The work includes, but is not limited to, all construction services necessary to provide cleaning, general preparation, resetting/adjusting of utility castings, installation of utility risers, pavement milling, installation of an ultra-thin bonded overlay – Standard grade binder, and all other specified and incidental work on bituminous concrete roadways. The purpose of primarily used in high traffic areas as a surface treatment over HMA & PCC surfaces. Weekdays from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. ** Weather Permitting **

Washington Street (Beacon to Cypress). - Notice to Residents/Abutters: 9/6

  1. 9/6: Mobilization & Setup
  2. 9/7‐9/12: Milling & Temporary Striping (daily)
  3. 9/13‐9/15: Adjust and/or Rebuild Structures
  4. 9/16 & 9/19: Crack Seal (if needed)
  5. 9/22, 9/23, & 9/26: Bonded Wearing Course Paving- Weather permitted
  6. 9/26‐9/30: Thermoplastic Pavement Markings (night)

Summit Ave/Jordan Rd. -2023

Allandale Rd.-2023